Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part LXXVI: Making Accomodations

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Alice loves tacos.  I think it’s mostly for the crunchy taco shells (which I can’t eat anymore – my body decided somewhere along the lines that corn should put me in bed, curled up like a boiled shrimp). For a several years, we’ve been going on a weekend date once a month or so.  It’s nice alone time and today I thought it would be nice to get Alice’s nails painted and run some errands.

13835568083_de588dd738_b Alice and I enjoy Taco Bell.  I can’t really say why–call it a guilty pleasure–but the menu can accommodate both of us with a corn taco shell for her and flour soft tacos for me.  It is an exercise in independence.  Alice knows exactly what she wants – “two crunchy tacos and a small drink” and orders it with a small reminder to use her big voice.  The man at the counter heard her first time, which was great.

This time also, we tried out an accommodation to allow her to be more independent in her meal.  Alice likes to put hot sauce (specifically, Taco Bell “Hot Sauce” – not mild, medium, or fire) on her taco, but she can’t hold the taco and squeeze out the sauce without either breaking the shell if she holds it in her stroke-affected hand, or losing control of the sauce packet if she holds the shell in her non-affected hand.  What to do?  I found these on Amazon and Alice’s taco experience has changed for the better:


One simple change and now all I have to do is tear open the corner of the packet and she’s all set.  Easy-peasy-lemon squeezy!

Now if only she wouldn’t pull the emergency cord in the bathroom…



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