What Are You Supposed to Do?

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Last week, Alice handed me this bit of  work she did in school. “Is for you, daddy!”  She was proud.  I gave her some positive feedback.  Alice, over the past few years, has developed some interesting techniques to avoid doing math at school.  We had to get a behaviorist in to verify that this was a set of maladaptive behaviors and not cognitive issues.

IMAG0289 The instructions require her to color seven stars, but there are only 6 on the page.  Yes, I suppose that you could color three stars blue then color 4 stars green by coloring over one blue star.  I just have a problem that Prentiss-Hall let this slip by.  It is trivially incorrect and it went right past the teacher too.

So what do you do when you get this?  I put a note in the wiki that we use for communication.  Total response from the school: none.  This is minor, so probably the best is to move on and not make a tempest in a teapot about it.


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