Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part LXVI: Can’t Wait

Copyright © 2013 Stephen Hawley, all rights reserved.

MOM THEES EZ YOUThis is a caption to a picture that Stuart drew for mom.  It reads “MOM THEES EZ YOU” and captions a picture of a candle.  It makes me somewhat sad on a couple fronts.  The first is that Stuart does this for mom all the time.  At the time he did this, he hadn’t yet done that for me and I was feeling jealous (at the time of this writing, Stuart had left a note for me when I came home from community band that he wanted me to build a wall in front of his door made from cardboard “bricks” (likely so he could smash through it in the morning).  I did so – I built a humble but interesting-looking wall.  He complained loudly about it at breakfast.  I can’t win).  The second reason is that I’m still waiting for Alice to write these notes.

It’s rough.  Stuart is far ahead and Alice is far behind in terms of writing skills (spelling, motor control, desire).

I can’t wait.  I’d gladly take getting dissed.



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