Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Par XLIV: Playing Games

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Zombie Dice

This year for Christmas, we got a number of games for the family.  We got Family Fluxx, Sequence for Kids, and Uno.  Fluxx is a fun game, but my youngest can’t read well enough yet to play and Alice has a very hard time with the changing rules.  It’s frustrating, but the other games work better for her. Pictured above is Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson.  This is a fun game because it’s silly, it’s part luck, and part skill to play.  Alice likes rolling the dice and doesn’t need too much help in the game play.

Playing games is a good thing – it helps the kids develop strategy, follow rules, and take turns.  It’s also a chance to make decisions and exert control, which is also a good thing.


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Do you use the “under rule”? If someone shouts under before the dice hit the table, you get what is the underside.

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