FanExpo Boston 2019 Writeup

Alice and I went to our first FanExpo Boston conference 2 years ago. This year we planned on going for two days. It went about as well as you could hope. This is going to include a lot of pictures and a lot less prose than I usually have. To start, to get this done […]

Alice and I went to our first FanExpo Boston conference 2 years ago. This year we planned on going for two days. It went about as well as you could hope. This is going to include a lot of pictures and a lot less prose than I usually have.

To start, to get this done it helps to have support from your family. In this case, E did a super job getting Alice ready to go and into her makeup on Saturday Morning.

We drove to Boston and dropped off our bags and went to the convention center. We arrived before the show started, but the wait wasn’t too long. For the most part, we were there for cosplay events and to see what we could see. Since I was doing Colonial America, I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I couldn’t really see a lot, so eh?

One of our first stops was at the Dr. Who booth where we recreated Back For That Dance by Karen Hallion.

For the most part, I let Alice drive in terms of the pictures that she wanted to get, but I liked to get a pictures with other Captain America cosplays and characters from the MCU.

This guy let me hold his Mjolnir which was very heavy. Bravo to him for carrying it all day. We also ran into this Tony Stark and Thor pair:

I have a thing now that if I run into someone doing One Punch Man, I have to get a picture of them punching the Captain America shield. There’s something about the depiction of irresistible force and immovable object that tickles me the right way.

Here’s some more Marvel MCU pictures:

I saw several people dressed up as the Night Monkey from Spiderman Far From Home. Bravo to them for getting the costume done so quickly. Alice wanted to get a picture with all the Spiderman cosplays. When I offered my shield, they were all fighting over who would get it. The young man who did was quickly told by the others “Do the pose! Dude, do the pose!” “Yeah, yeah, I’m on it!”

This leads me to something I feel I’m seeing more of in cosplay: diversity. I think a lot of it has to do with greater representation in movies. Between Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Thor Ragnarok we’re seeing more diversity on the screen and that representation matters. People who are otherwise marginalized see themselves in the heroes on the screen and that is a powerful thing. I saw, for example, at least a dozen people who appeared to be non cishet dressed up as characters from Good Omens.

But take a look at some of my favorites (including the Becky Barnes above):

The last one is a gender bent Wonder Woman. Fantastic work that honors the Gal Gadot version. Diversity and inclusion is a tremendously good thing for any community and I was so happy to see it. This is important to me because Alice, because of her disabilities, falls into the margins and being included here is great for her and it’s great for everyone else. We made a point of talking to Lucky Grim a couple times, mostly for me to thank her for being welcoming and giving us the push to get into cosplay. “If you have a pulse, you can cosplay.”

This year we tried something new – we participated in a Cosplay Red Carpet event where they set up a photo op and an Emcee to introduce you while you walk out and strike a pose. The crowd cheered you on. As Alice and I went out, I swear the crown cheered louder.

We also ran into some just really nice people, like this Captain America:

We had a brief exchange and then he gave Alice this:

which was very touching.

Some cosplays were just plain awesome.

I loved this Loki done by Silhouette Cosplay. Her makeup is so excellent.

Alice and I split a lot of what we wanted to do. For example, Alice spotted Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and went for her like a bee to a flower. Ms. Benson was very sweet and spent a good amount of time talking to Alice. I was so happy to see so many people in the comic industry – Karen Hallion, Heather Antos, Justin La Rocca Hansen, Becky Cloonan, Chrissie Zullo, and Joyce Chin (among others).

The second day we tried to do things a little simpler. Simpler costumes, shorter day, fewer activities. So we went as Star Trek TNG characters. I did Alice’s makeup as best as I could:


E had knitted me a sweater to match the uniform jacket from one of the movies and it all stemmed from a joke that it’s a Picardigan. Alice wore the skant that I sewed her. We packed up our room, dropped off our bags and headed over to the hall. Again, we got there at the perfect time and had a reasonably short wait before we went in.

One thing different for Alice is that she had a prop: a tricorder toy that I bought in the 90’s and stowed away for just such an occasion. I had her carry it and be responsible for it. She loved it. When she got ready for a picture, she would inevitably say, “Oh, my pwop!” and open it up for the picture.

After the day was over, Alice decided that she wanted her hair down. I tried to dissuade her because we both had our hair done up with Gorilla Snot and that stuff is best cleaned out in the shower. Alice had none of it. She decided to do this on her own.

Well – my family is nothing if not determined. When she was done, she had a hair style that would make Cyndi Lauper proud.

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Thanks for sharing the encounters you and Alice had.

I have heard of this event and it seems both of you had a wonderful time.

I always like to hear from you and about your adventures with Alice.

Gorilla Snot! I will have to check that one out.

Helen Pluciennik

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