Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CXXX: Birthdays

We have three birthdays pretty close to each other here, Alice and Evie especially close. For Stuart and Alice, we try to let them have completely separate “friend” parties. In other words, Stuart has his party with his friends and Alice is nowhere to be found and vice versa. We also try to have a bigger party for one and a lesser party for the other and alternate years. Stuart, I think gets this. I don’t think Alice does, but from her point of view, it’s still a party. This year was Alice’s small party and we asked her to pick 3 friends for a trip to Herell’s for ice cream.

She picked three friends and two were able to make it for the party: Luna and Jaq, and Alice was super happy that they both could make it. It was busy downtown with the March for Our lives protests, but that’s a very small price to pay for living in a liberal, politically active area.

Luna was very happy to be there and had a special present for Alice, which was a friendship necklace. Alice got one half of the necklace and Luna had the other. Luna was so excited and sneaky – she had her necklace hidden under her bandana and so badly wanted to show it, but waited for Alice to open her present first.

It was very sweet and I was very close to crying.

I’m glad that Alice picked these friends. It was nice that they came out for her.

Earlier in the day we did the shopping and because today was E’s birthday, we went to pick out a birthday card for her. For times like this, I try to give Alice a pretty free rein. I pointed her at the ‘Birthday for Mom’ section and set her loose. She looked over a half dozen or so before settling on one. I had to encourage her to read all the words to make sure that the card was really what she wanted, and then we were all set.

All in all, while it was a very busy day, I think everything worked out very well.

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