Rhode Island Comic Con – We Made This Work

My one major criticism about Rhode Island Comic Con is the crowd management. A lot of that has to do with the layout of the facilities: there are 4 major pinch points just on the way in. The last time we went, the line just to get into the building was over a mile long. This is hard on Alice. The next couple of issues we had were parking: we got there early and there was nothing in the main lot. The natural overflow lots were just as bad because there were a lot of people before us who had the same problem. Finally, none of the food in the convention center is Celiac friendly.

I decided to see if I could find a way to solve all these problems.

For parking, instead of failing in the main lot, I went to a hotel lot before I got to the convention center. I couldn’t rearrange the building, but I did poke at the organizers to find out if there was any sort of accommodations for people with disabilities. There were – they had a couple of entrances to get ADA bracelets. This meant that we could just walk in through a less crowded entrance.

At lunch, Alice and I left the building and walked a couple blocks to the Trinity Brewhouse which had some gluten free options.

Alice and I decided to do Spiderverse cosplay. This was simple. I watched a couple of sales last year to get a cheap Swider Gwen hoodie and a Spiderman workout shirt. I picked up a cheap surplus field coat, a pair of sweats and some tennis shoes.

The best fun was getting a foam rubber cheeseburger. Why? Do you really need to ask?

Did I pretend to eat a cheeseburger in just about every picture? Why yes, dear reader, I did.

Around this point, Alice started to notice what I was doing. “Eww, dad! It’s gross!”

We also went to see some of the guests. We got to see both Nichelle Nichols and George Takei. Both were wonderful.

To be clear, Alice was picking a lot of the pictures herself, which is absolutely fine.