Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CXXVII: It Has Come To This

Alice has been raiding the fridge. It’s a combination of several things:

  1. She’s a teenager
  2. She has little self-restraint
  3. She loves food
  4. She gets up super early

Trying to catch her and enforce rules and consequences has made no noticeable change (probably because of #3), so we have now taken another tack:

Yup. Lock for the fridge. E found a nice bike lock with a silicone skin. Works like a charm if we remember to put it on before bed.

Post Script

I woke up at 2:35 in the middle of an intense dream – neither disturbing nor enjoyable, merely intense. I got up to get something to read and saw Alice’s door open which is never a good sign. I went down stairs and saw the door to the basement closed, also a signal that trouble was afoot. I went into the basement as quietly as I could and Alice scrambled to grab a remote while saying “Da-a-ad!” (I think it was 3 syllables this time). I powered it off and informed her of the consequences and sent her up to bed, happy at least that I had the lock on the fridge.