Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CV: Complications Block Fantasies

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I was watching a YouTube video of Adam Savage the other day showing how he made parts of his bear costume for SDCC 2016.

I mentioned it to E because she’s working on a Hallowe’en costume that will require similar things, and it’s good to learn from someone else’s experience. Evie’s working on this alone, but she expressed how she really wanted to work on it with me. I’d like that too, but circumstances pretty much ensure that it won’t. I gave her background on the video of how Adam goes to SDCC in costume because (1) it’s fun and (2) because without a costume, he would never get to see anything because he would be continually swamped. Although, quite honestly, I think he get’s swamped anyway by people who want to get pictures with him in his excellent costumes.

I mentioned how much I’d like to go to SDCC, but that it was never going to happen. Evie said, “maybe if we could get some respite and…” I interrupted and said, “tickets are hard to get, it’s a long flight across country, and respite care for the kids. That’s three complications. Not going to happen.” Another dream shot down. Damn my innate practical thinking. I mean, we can’t even make it across the state for a Boston or Rhode Island event, let alone Sand Diego. Oh well.