Alice Does DC

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This is a stunning picture. You don’t understand looking at this what was going on during the day, leading up to this. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m Alice’s second favorite person in the universe. Everyone else is tied for first. We spent most of the day together because E had spent most of the morning with her. Alice, of course, was seriously ticked off at me for the injustice and made no bones about making sure that I knew it. Still, we managed a walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Memorial. We stopped for this picture and Alice initially gave me the stink eye, but I managed to get a smile out of her.

It’s been an interesting trip. We spent a day at Mount Vernon. We took a boat ride out from Alexandria and spent the day there. E had set up a tour wherein an actor plays the part of a period worker at Mount Vernon and we get taken around the grounds and get a view of the grounds from their point of view. We saw it from the point of a Scottish grounds keeper (huh…) who had set up the distillery and managed the grain production and livestock. Alice fell in love with him immediately and liked asking him questions or telling him about what she was seeing. He was very patient. More than us in many ways.


At times it was rough. Alice telling me how much she would prefer to be with her mom rather than me and then managing the conflict between the kids in as fair a way as possible under the circumstances. Still, we’ve survived and managed to enjoy a few moments along the way.



One Handed Self-Care

Baths and showers have always been a challenge will Alice. It’s taken years to help teach her to take care of this on her own. Shampooing has always been an issue. Working a shampoo bottle when one hand is gimpy is challenging at best. On her own, Alice is just as likely to dump a quarter of a bottle of shampoo on her head or into the tub and miss coverage on the weaker side.

The solution: more independence, not less:


Why didn’t we think of this before? So simple.

Alice is now less likely to waste shampoo and now we can concentrate more on coverage. Yay!