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Down Syndrome in Advertising

The Huffington Post reported about Target using a model with Down syndrome in one of their recent ads.


This is terrific. I’m very happy to see this again.

Wait. What?

Yup, again. Target has done this before:


Fantastic. Good for your, Target! It’s great to provide these images of kids with disabilities embedded within your marketing material. This is a great step forward for inclusion and to reduce the stigma of Down syndrome.

AndĀ if you read here routinely, you know that I couldn’t possibly be satisfied with this. You know what would be great, Target? If you carried clothes that are proportioned for people with Down syndrome. Right now, I know of no company that makes off-the-rack shirts that fit my daughter (Downs Designs makes pants and a limited number of short-sleeved shirts). Compared with typical kids, she has a longer torso compared to her arms. If the shirt fits her torso, the sleeves need to be altered. If the sleeves fit, my daughter will display an inordinate amount of plumber’s butt (thanks to pants that don’t fit well). We got lucky with Duluth Trading Company making some 3/4 length sleeve shirts for women that fit Alice better than most, but even though I’ve contacted them before, I have no illusions that these shirts were in response to that interaction, nor do I believe that they will carry these shirts in the future.

So great, Target, you’re helping people get used to the face of Down syndrome. Now wouldn’t it be great if we had something to buy?