Extreme Unction

The better part of the past few days have been spent in the hospital watching my mom’s health decline further and further.  We realized that she had not been given any sacraments since being admitted and asked the hospice nurse to bring in a priest.

It was a very emotional moment.  When I first learned about the various sacraments in Sunday school, I saw them like coins or stamps – that it was a goal to collect the whole set.  I also remember feeling sad that women could never collect the entire set since the sacrament of Holy Orders is restricted to men only.

Nonetheless, it felt good to make sure that something so important to mom was being provided for her.  I’ve been attending a congregational church since a little before my daughter was born.  It’s been an important community for Alice and for us as well.  The level of acceptance there feels higher than in the general public (note to general public: you have some work to do).  I think it took me a few years to get used to saying our particular variant of the Lord’s Prayer (debt/debtors instead  of trespasses) and now I had that in reverse as I was the only one to recite debt/debtors.