Gratitude #15: Dennis Tolley


Dennis Tolley was the co-owner of Stonehenge Computers near when I grew up. He and his partner Mike Mahoney were very encouraging of my early programming.

2 responses to “Gratitude #15: Dennis Tolley

  1. Mark Kriegsman

    Thank you for writing this Steve — and Hi there; long time no see!
    I was just thinking of Dennis and Mike earlier today, and how much their work and their encouragement of a certain group of eager young people changed the arc of their lives so amazingly.
    Hope you are well; get in touch if you wish, I’d love to catch up.

  2. Oh my gosh, I owe so much to Dennis and Mike! I still remember when Mike taught me about PEEK and POKE operations. Before I earned enough to purchase my own computer, I was at Stonehenge every Saturday morning when it opened for business. Dennis and Mike were so gracious to let me work on the Pet and Apple computers, as long as customers weren’t in the shop.

    — Tom

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