Response #3 to Gratitude #13, Phylis Mattheson

Phylis sent me a very kind response and granted me permission to share it here.

Thank you for this. There has been such an outpouring of appreciation and thanks from my mom’s students ….it’s simply amazing. She would have been embarrassed but overwhelmingly touched. She will be missed but I’d say she left her mark.

One response to “Response #3 to Gratitude #13, Phylis Mattheson

  1. Steve-
    I want to thank you for the thoughtful and heartfelt note you sent to my sister about our Mom’s passing last month. Your memories and observations (and those of your brother as well ) about the impact she had on so many lives and the wonderful gifts she had as a teacher, musician and mentor are wonderful additions to our family remembrances. I hope our paths will cross someday (they may have already) as my family and I live in Chesterfield and I’m in Northampton almost daily for a variety of reasons. I would love to meet you and give my thanks in person.

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