You Sent Me a Thank You. How Do I (Not) Participate?

Easy. Contact me. I sent you my post and email addresses. You can let me know how and if you want to participate. Do you want me to post/not post my letter? Do you want me to post/not post a reply? I’m happy to comply. I will never post addresses or contact information nor will I hand it out or even store it on a server. Just let me know. I will assume from the outset that you don’t want anything shared beyond your name and occupation.


Welcome to Gratitude


As I approach 50, I’ve found myself thinking more about the importance of taking the time to thank people. In the coming year, my goal is the send at least 50 letters out to people who have helped shape who I’ve become. In each letter, I will try to thank each person for one or more specific things that he or she has done for me. For each person, I let them know that they do not have to answer, but if they do they can also choose and if and how they might like to participate. I will post no personal information, nothing private and no addresses without clear written permission, nor will I post the content of my letters unless it is also permitted. I will write about each person in a very general way as part of the chronicle.

If you read this and you enjoy it, then thank you as well.

Gratitude #21, Steve Wozniak


Steve Wozniak created the Apple Computer and the Apple ][.

Gratitude #20, Michael Palin


Michael Palin is an actor and writer best known for his work in Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Gratitude #19, Sherry Webb


Sherry Webb was a teacher I worked for in my short foray into teaching. She was (and is) an incredibly good leader.

Gratitude #18: Tom Lehrer


Tom Lehrer is a humorist, pianist, mathematician, and inventor of the Jell-o Shot.

Gratitude #17: Pete Campbell


Pete was my closest friend in grade school through high school.

Gratitude #16: Andrea Martin


Andrea Martin is an actress who was in SCTV.

In Case You Were Wondering…


Yes, I do write all the letters by hand, and yes I use a fountain pen, and yes the pen in the picture in the header is the one I use. Today when I sat down to write the 15th thank you letter, I found the pen had run dry. Since I’ve written 14 letters, a few of which went over one page, there is about 14 pages in an ink cartridge. In case you were keeping tabs.

Gratitude #15: Dennis Tolley


Dennis Tolley was the co-owner of Stonehenge Computers near when I grew up. He and his partner Mike Mahoney were very encouraging of my early programming.

Gratitude #14: Kazumi Umeda


Kazumi was a year older than me in high school. In the fall of my senior year, he was home on fall break and said one simple thing that set my future in motion.

Response #3 to Gratitude #13, Phylis Mattheson

Phylis sent me a very kind response and granted me permission to share it here.

Thank you for this. There has been such an outpouring of appreciation and thanks from my mom’s students ….it’s simply amazing. She would have been embarrassed but overwhelmingly touched. She will be missed but I’d say she left her mark.